About Pediatric Dentistry of South Charlotte

As a pediatric specialist’s office we are oriented to the unique needs of infants, children, adolescents, and patients with special needs. We center our practice on preventive dentistry. We believe that educating the parent and child about good oral care is the most important way to prevent dental disease. We encourage your continuing participation in your child’s oral care.

We are dedicated to excellence in comprehensive oral health care.

We seek in all ways possible to provide a positive, compassionate and comfortable experience for both parent and child.

We see each child as unique, and enjoy taking time to get to know each one.

We aim to minimize children’s apprehension toward dental care. Our child-friendly office environment and our nurturing and affectionate staff will make you and your child feel welcome. You are always welcome to accompany your child at every visit.

We respect your privacy at all times.

We follow all OSHA and CDC recommendations in maintaining a clean office and sterile instruments.

If you’d like to schedule a no-obligation complimentary tour, just give us a call!

The office phone number is: 704-845-0955.
The office fax number is: 704-845-0965.

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